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koko designs studio in Ramelton, Co Donegal


All my designs are themed into different collections to see how the same design can work on different products.

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  • Country Garden

    New collection for 2017

  • Hedgerows

    Hedgerows collection 

  • Shorelines

    Shorelines reflects all things beach like, based on the beaches near my studio

  • Butterflies

    Butterflies collection includes Tortoiseshell and Peakcock Garden designs

  • Scenes of Donegal
    A collection based on my favourite beaches and landmarks in Donegal
  • Birds

    Birds adorn my various Garden designs

  • Irish Landscapes
    Foxgloves, fuchsia and Riverbank feature in the Irish Landscapes collection
  • Art Deco
    Art deco designs
  • Into the woods
    Into The Woods collection from 2018
  • Irish Meadow
    A collection of flowers from our Irish meadows
  • Tropical
    During the first lockdown I painted these designs while on holiday in the tropical rainforest of my imagination