Enter the world of textile art with professional maker Karen O’Kane who will introduce you to a variety of textile arts including her specialised craft of painting on pure silk.

I have been working full time as a textile artist for over 10 years and now I love to share my skills both in my own professional studio in the picturesque village of Ramelton, Co Donegal and as a visiting facilitator in community settings throughout Ireland and the UK.

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Workshops based in the community can be a minimum of 1.5 hours, weekly workshops, 7-hour workshops in one day, or 12-hour workshops over 2 days depending on what you would like to make during the workshop. They are tailored for all ages and abilities. A specific theme can be chosen for the workshop.

I also attend events, parties, weddings and festivals and facilitate a collaborative silk painting which is a very fun way to engage your guests or visitors in a little bit of silk fun.

Silk lanterns (4 hours)

Silk drum shades (7 hours/12 hours),

Silk paintings (2 hours)

Silk window hangers (2 hours)

Silk and felt fairy (2 hours)

Handbound silk notebook (2 hours)

Collaborative silk painting (6 hours)

Needle and wet felted landscapes (3 hours)

Mixed textile wall hangings (3-12 hours)    

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